Acid Controller AC 2000

Acid testing made easy

It is efficient, accurate and easy to use. AC 2000 reduces the consumption of pickling acids, and contribute to a more sustainable process. The AC 2000 handles analysis from different types of mixed acids in pickling baths, but it can also be used for single acid applications. The AC 2000 uses ion-selective electrodes and a temperature probe to convert the ion-activity in the fluid to a voltage signal. The dissolved metals in the analyzed sample are determined by an electronic densitometer. The measuring unit is connected to a computer and a software algorithm that utilizes the Nernst equation to calculate acid concentrations.

The software guides the operator through the analysis. The user-friendly interface is self-explanatory and allows easy intuitive operation of the AC 2000. The software will advise the operator how much fresh acid to add to meet the optimal parameters in the pickling bath.