Acid Controller AC 2000

The new standard in acid and dissolved metal analysis

The AC 2000 Acid Controller rapidly and accurately measures mixed acids e.g. HNO3/HF or H2SO4/HF and determines both acid concentration and dissolved metal concentration. The AC 2000 is also used for single acid applications with only HCl, HNO3 or H2SO4. In less than one minute after the sample has been introduced to the analyzer the result will be displayed to the operator and stored into the database. The software will advise the operator how much fresh acid to add to meet the optimal parameters in the pickling bath.

The AC-2000 uses ion-selective electrodes (ISE) and a temperature probe to convert ion-activity in the acid sample to a voltage that is amplified and digitally converted. The algorithm is based on Nernst equation and uses the voltage output from the electrodes to calculate the acid concentrations. The dissolved metals are determined by an electronic densitometer. The densitometer allows for an accurate dilution of the acid samples. The measuring unit is connected to a PC. The software works with the current Windows ® version available.