About Luova

We can help you process the challenges of tomorrow.

We offer products and services for the surface treatment and fluid process industries. Whether you need, spare parts or complete process systems, Luova has it!

We are completely focused on meeting the needs of our customers by stocking spare parts and making our dedicated staff available 24/7.

This is Luova

Design and manufacturing of products for recovery, filttration and analysis of acids used in pickling and surface treatment processes.

Luova is a Swedish Company and a vital part of a growing global steel industry. At Luova we have a deep understanding for the challenges ahead, but also a determination that small changes can make a big difference.

With over 30 years of experience in recycling, filtration, and analysis of acids in surface treatment of metals, we know how efficiency, safety and sustainability can be made simple.

Our locally developed and produced products contribute to controlled chemical processes, lower production costs and less emissions. We help you control the pickling parameters, removing sludge, reducing waste, and saving acids. 

As a global player, we know that every project is unique. We have all the experience and cutting-edge engineering to design the right solution to specifically address each individual customer’s needs and expectations

To become successful, we believe in working together as a team and always provide personal service. That is why we have distributors and agents in all major markets and an office in Shanghai.

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